The aim of socio-psychological assessment is to increase personnel productivity by preventive measures from labor disputes, improvement organizational communication and by enabling employees to better understand and share the corporate culture of the organization.

Socio-psychological assessment in labor collective is appropriate for:
  • Optimization of interpersonal cooperation between employees
  • Ascertaining the sources of socio-psychological tension, reasons for permanently repeating discharges and lessening the possibility of labor disputes.
  • Team activity “weaknesses” revelation and uplifting staff productivity.
  • Creating corporate culture
  • Assessment of personnel policy efficiency

Socio-psychological diagnosis estimates:

  • Readiness for teamwork;
  • Group cohesion;
  • Presence of groupings and informal leaders;
  • Reasons and sources of socio-psychological tension;
  • Ways of cooperation and information exchange between departments;
  • Functions reduplication, functional intersections;
  • Assessment of socio-psychological climate in labor collective;
  • Personal traits of estimated staff and its behavioral forecast
As a result of socio-psychological assessment weak points of an organization are differentiated and various actions for the solution are undertaken.
Procedure of assessment:
  • Development and negotiation a socio-psychological assessment procedure;
  • Carrying out the socio-psychological assessment;
  • Analysis of received data, making the report and elaboration of recommendations

Information to the customer is submitted in the form of:

  • General conclusions, characteristic of the group, psychological picture of the team;
  • Assessment of socio-psychological climate;
  • Peculiarities of interaction in labor collective;
  • Review of each candidate (strengths, weaknesses, potential capabilities)
  • Conclusions and recommendations.
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