Consulting Company “Alpina Consult” provides service of representing the interests of foreign companies in Ukraine.

Representative services are especially important for companies that are just entering the Ukrainian market, or having small volume of supplies, companies, that are interested in organization and control their business in Ukraine.

Representative services allow you to:

  • Minimize costs. There is no need to create a representative company, to rent an office, to equip it with office facilities and furniture, hire staff, and prepare reports.
  • We offer to our Client, except intended managers, specialists from all our departments, which can join the project in case if the need arises.
  • Provide a range of services:
    • conducting telephone conversation, correspondence;
    • optimal organization of business processes supported by financial and legal departments;
    • carry out marketing research for the various markets;
    • creation of potential customer base;
    • conducting of business negotiations (preparation of all necessary materials);
    • organization of the company’s involvement in various business activities;
    • deal conclusions, their execution control;
    • participation in trade schemes selling products at the Ukrainian market (foreign exchange operations, certification and customs clearance issues, transportation and warehousing, distribution);
    • preparation of reports for the parent company.

Representation services in Ukraine are performed when a contract for permanent representation service, or performance of separate projects, is signed. The volume of concerned tasks is discussed in each individual project.

Additionally, it may be executed the power of attorney, with a list of powers, for our employees to provide counteragents with in negotiations. The list of powers is agreed with the Customer.

We understand, that each project is unique, as companies have different objectives, specificity, number of partners, etc. So the cost of representation services will be agreed in each case and depend largely on the amount of work.

Standard package of Representative services includes:

Services of Head of the project:

  • strategic and operational planning activities of the company in Ukraine;
  • reporting about the work done.

Services of the secretary:

  • receiving incoming phone calls;
  • handling of correspondence;
  • maintenance of files;
  • translation of documents, correspondence;
  • organization of meetings, trips, transfers, booking tickets, hotels, etc.

Services of marketer:

  • creating a database of counteragents;
  • monitoring of the market;
  • placing information about products / services in specialized publications, resources.

Services of manager:

  • conducting of active and passive sales;
  • preparation of business proposals, presentation materials;
  • conducting telephone conversations with counteragents;
  • business meetings;
  • negotiations on cooperation till the conclusion of the contract (if the Client-company concludes the contract with counteragent in Ukraine directly);
  • control of the implementation of supply, payments, preparation and submission of supporting documentation.

Services of accountant:

  • accounting consultancy.

Services of a lawyer:

  • drafting foreign trade contracts;
  • counseling.

Representation services include work of a team of specialists in a total amount of 140 working hours per month.

The cost of services is 2900 Euro + percent from sales, which is agreed depending on the product group, segment of the market.

The following expenses are additionally agreed and paid:

  • traveling expenses;
  • advertising expenses: advertising materials, paid placement of information in the media or internet resources, participation in exhibitions.