Our projects.
  1. Holding the seminar “Marketing practice of enterprises operating in different spheres of Ukrainian economics”.
  2. Estimation of the necessity of gas compressor station building.
  3. Investigation of consumers of metal-roll.
  4. Studying the availability of a beauty shop opening.
  5. Ukrainian soft-drink market research and analysis with the new trade mark “Ice Tea”.
  6. Creation of human service enterprises network. Market research and marketing strategy development.
  7. Marketing research of the soft paper market (napkins and toilet paper) in Kiev and Kiev Region.
  8. Analysis of Ukrainian confectionary industry market.
  9. Investigation of the market of polyethylene film with the twist effect.
  10. Profiles for gypsum cardboard market survey.
  11. Electric welded straight-line-seam tubes market survey.
  12. Мarket research of network cafe market. Research region: Kiev, Donetsk.
  13. Study consumers’ expectations concerning country real estate of elite level. Testing possible conceptions.
  14. Research of heating equipment (home caldrons) market. Determination the position of the studied brand/service of the company in relation to competitive units/companies.
  15. Research of bed linen market. Study consumers’ opinion regarding the represented assortment, development the recommendations for its updating and optimization.
  16. Studying the Kiev market of frozen ready-to-cook foods (meat dumplings). Investigation the competitive environment in the segment, determination the prospects of new trademark organization.
Projects of our consultants.
Samples of accomplished business plans (including ultimately completed and submitted documents to a client or creditor):
  1. Organization manufacturing of wrapping film with the twist-effect “Tango”.
  2. Textile manufacturing reconstruction.
  3. Organization of the “Atlas Copco” service center, compressors in Ukraine
  4. Organization of the playing ground for children.
  5. Modified bitumen and bituminous emulsion manufacturing modernization.
  6. Organization of manufacturing of electric welding straight-line-seam pipes.
  7. Organization of production and batching of scrap metal.
  8. Organization of mineral oil production – credited by Energobank.
  9. Organization the Nautical Training Center, Kiev – credited by Innovation Fund
  10. Modernization and expansion of furniture manufacturing, Cherkassy – credited by IBRD.
  11. Expansion of milk products manufacturing (casein, butter), Novovolynsk – credited by EBRD.
  12. Organization of sunflower oil manufacturing, Lvov Region – credited by IBRD.
  13. Modernization of extraction and production of chalk and lime, Slavyansk – credited by IBRD.
  14. Expansion of footwear manufacturing, Odessa – credited by IBRD.
  15. Refining and export of stainless steel bullion, Donetsk – credited by IBRD.
  16. Organization of international cargo truck haulages, Donetsk – credited by IBRD.
  17. Expansion of production of small size river and sea vessels, Mariupol – credited by IBRD.
  18. Covered market construction, Krivoy Rog – credited by EBRD.
  19. Organization of manufacturing of ferroconcrete tubes lined by stone casting, Krivoy Rog – credited by EBRD
  20. Organization of manufacturing laminated chipboard slabs, Kiev.
  21. Organization of SPAR supermarkets network, Kiev – for a foreign investor.
  22. Organization of informational TV-channel, Kiev – for a private investor.
  23. Organization of fast food restaurant, Kiev – the project is approved by the Credit Committee of Privatbank.
  24. Expansion of aspiration plants assemblage.
  25. Manufacturing of distillery production, Uman – for a private investor.
  26. Trading of import floor surfaces, Kiev – credited by Ukrainian Bank.
  27. Expansion of manufacturing of door flats from MDF slabs, Krivoy Rog – for the private investor.
  28. Manufacturing of the repeated aluminum alloys, Brovary – twice credited by Raiffeisenbank Ukraine.
  29. Manufacturing of aluminum- silicon alloys in Ukraine, Kiev – for the private investor.
  30. Organization of manufacturing of sidewalk and front tile slabs, Kiev – the project is invested.
  31. Complex business plan: reconstruction of the small river hydroelectric power station; manufacturing of cereals, sunflower oil; bottling of mineral water, Vinnitsa Region – for the foreign investor.
  32. Expansion of service activity of European-production trucks and semi trailers, Kiev.
  33. Creation of complex for manufacturing the production of scrap-copper processing, Brovary – for the private investor.
  34. Organization of the Center of Laser Medicine, Kiev – credited by the Ukrainian Bank.
  35. Modernization and expansion of ice cream production, Nikolaev – for participation in competition to privatize Refrigerator Center.
  36. Organization of production of foam plastic, Brovary – under bank crediting.
  37. Organization of cardboard production.
  38. Organization of woodworks manufacturing (windows, doors, parquet).
  39. Organization of ferrochrome production factory.
  40. Expansion of foundry.
  41. Building of small cottage town in the Kiev region.
  42. Organization of bakery products production.
  43. Manufacturing of copper alloys.
  44. Building of residential complex.
  45. Organization of SPA salon in a format of “day SPA” in Kiev.
  46. Modernization of sugar production.
  47. Reorganization of construction holding company.
  48. TV-channel organization.
  49. Building of the commercial office center in Odessa.
  50. Organization of cafe network.
  51. Sports-cafe organization.
  52. Building of multifunctional sports-entertaining complex (ice-arenas, SPA-complex, fitness-complex, gyms, hotel complex).
  53. Building of solar power station.
Projects of our consultants.
  1. Complete restructuring of the financial service of the group of companies “Inex Ukr Parket”. Service assessment, elaboration of forms and recommendations, personnel selection.
  2. Elaboration of forms, procedures, regulations, standards and other budgeting systems and their application for the large concern (“Stoik”, more than 50 different profile enterprises) to the stage of automation.
  3. Elaboration and implementation management accounting and budgeting system at the meat factory