Alpina Consult Company provides personnel selection and staff recruitment services. The company has been actively operating since 2002.

Our abilities and experience in staff recruitment:

  • Selection specialists of any level and for different business spheres in Kiev and Kiev region;
  • Recruiting middle-level specialists and executive search within the territory of Ukraine;
  • Ability to fill urgent vacancies, staff recruitment at the earliest possible date (1-2 days);
  • Simultaneous recruitment of a team of specialists (when a company enters the market);
  • Mass recruitment for operational positions;
  • Providing a Customer with any kind of consulting support concerning recruitment and selection procedure: market situation, salary scale level, determining criteria for personnel rating, sorting out necessary competencies and professional knowledge, skills etc.

Personnel recruitment and selection techniques:

According to a vacant position one of the three possible techniques of staff recruitment can be applied:

  • Recruiting – searching and selection of a specialists.
    Such technique is effective for recruiting operational and middle-level personnel, middle level of management, seldom for top-management, but without making unique demands of them.
  • Executive search – direct and purposeful search and selection, identification and enticing away from companies operating in similar segment worth-while candidates who don’t practice job-hunting themselves.
    Technique is effective for recruiting particular uncommon specialists, top-level executives.
  • Headhunting – recruiting certain candidate.
    Technique is effective for recruiting particular, key specialists, top-managers.
Our clients:
Ukrainian, Russian and foreign companies that operate in different business areas. Most of them became our permanent clients.
Our team:
Outstanding personalities aimed at achieving results, highly qualified specialists with psychological, philological and business education, that have multifarious work experience and continue improving their skills and knowledge; fluent in foreign languages (English, French and German).
Personnel recruitment and selection term:
1-4 weeks, for each position is determined individually and depends on the required specialist and chosen recruitment technique.

Cost of personnel selection and recruitment service: 
depends on the required specialist and chosen recruitment technique.

Guarantee bond:
In case of dismissal by personal demand or by Customer-company initiative, we guarantee free of charge replacement.
Warranty period – 3-6 months and for each position is determined individually.