Success of every organization depends directly on how effective is the performance of its personnel. Any CEO faces the necessity of personnel assessment when solving such questions as:

  • Bringing human resources into the line with organizational tasks.
  • Which of candidates to choose for vacant position?
  • Does the level of professional knowledge, skills and personal characteristics of employees conform to the occupied positions?
  • How to assess staff potential?
  • What is the level of workforce efficiency?
  • Who to discharge on grounds of staff reduction?
  • Developing and implementing personnel training program.

To solve these and other problems “Alpina Consult” offers following complex of methods:

  • Professional tests and questionnaire
  • Structured measurement of competencies
  • Assessment employee’s impartial working criteria
  • Estimation of behavior in working conditions, “Secret buyer”.
  • Technical skills evaluation by means of modelling situations.
  • Assessment questionnaire (360 degrees method)
  • Assessment Center
  • Psychological assessment


  1. Development and coordination of certification procedure
  2. Conducting certification
  3. Analysis of received data, report compilation and elaboration of recommendations
  4. Submitting information to the customer in the form of:
    1. review of each candidate who have passed certification (strengths, weaknesses, potential capabilities)
    2. rating of certification participants according to the required qualities
    3. group review, including total assessment of personnel qualification level
    4. recommendations
Cost of our services is formed individually for each project, and depends on the objectives set as well as the amount of services provided.