Business missions / visits mean individual foreign business travels, foreign business travelsof the delegation of firm, company, corporation, and the reception of foreign delegations or foreign representative.


The task of the business mission: to find trading and manufacturing partners.

Business mission can include:

  • conducting negotiations and meetings with business partners, visits of partners’ enterprises;
  • conduction of round tables, seminars, conferences, presentations;
  • conducting of business lunches and dinners, buffet dinners;
  • city and country sightseeing.

Stages of implementing project for the organization of business-event:
Creation of the concept of event:

  • definition mission participants: what results of the mission are expected, what kind partners is planning to be found, what kind of information should be received; examination of information about the activities of mission participants, their products / services, promotion channels. Member-company’s profile forming;
  • definition of the criteria of searching for potential partners (a thorough analysis of the target audience, ways of informing them);
  • creation of the provisional program of mission ( dates, list of events); agreement of the reporting forms;
  • creation of media plan for promotion of the project (depending on the scale of mission can be organized presenting information in the business press, television programs).

Organization of the event:

    • implementation of media plan for project promotion;
    • creation of the necessary informational resources devoted to the project;
    • selection and booking venue with the needed range of services;
    • search of potential partners:
  • Based on the company’s profile we create a database of potential partners using a various sources (established contacts in different business sectors, cooperation with professional associations, public available information, specialized industry databases, business – catalogs, etc.).
  • Next step is actualization of potential partners database using telephone conversations (doing “cold calling”). Our specialists develop presentation of mission participants, presentation of the business mission program and detailed scenarios of telephone conversations, taking into account specificity of the product, target audience possible objections and company’s tasks.
  • We are finding professionals, who are taking a decision on cooperation; provide them with presentational materials.
  • During further telephone conversations we are revealing an extent and strength of interest in cooperation.
  • According to the results of actualization we form a database containing the following information:
      • name and contact details of the company,
      • specifics of activities,
      • contact information of person, taking the decision,
      • extent of interest in cooperation, reasons of their refusal.

Carrying out the event:

  • preparation of the hall and related premises;
  • transfer and accompanying participants in the case of visiting enterprises;
  • registration of participants;
  • work with participants / speakers;
  • questioning the participants / speakers / lecturers;
  • control of banquet service’s work.

Work after event:

  • distribution of informational materials to participants / speakers / media;
  • control the performance of obligations of media partners;
  • creation of the report about publications.

Our possibilities in the organization of events:

  • venue selection;
  • providing technical support for events;
  • provision of interpreters and simultaneous, sequential translation;
  • design of firm and souvenir production;
  • photo and video support of event;
  • PR-support;
  • visa support for participants;
  • booking and registration of tickets;
  • transfer;
  • accommodation of participants;
  • organization of catering for participants;
  • excursion – entertainment program, including accompanying by the guide-interpreter.