Nowadays the world of business is developing more and more swiftly. Now to be a leader means to have a deep theoretical background, exceptional communication skills, and the capability to use new possibilities creatively. These cannot be achieved without reliable information. It is said: “If you possess the information, you possess the world!” That is why the effective application of marketing research is the determining factor of business success.

Why do you need marketing research?
Marketing research connects an organization with consumers through information. Using reliable information results firstly in reducing risk of decision-making that may lead to unfavorable outcome. Secondly, It allows taking optimal decisions for company development with greater extent of probability. Marketing research also lower risks or vagueness in the question of bankroll repayment.

Marketing research – is economically expedient way to determine people’s needs, desires, thoughts, beliefs and their deeds. Marketing research – is a number of actions such as collecting, sorting, registration, and analysis of information for the purpose of simplifying crucial managerial decision-making. The level of importance of this information is determined by the degree of risk connected with making the decision. It is the information that is not submitted by other ways. The results of marketing research help to produce high quality goods and provide professional services or conduct the policy according to the demands of consumers and society.

If you give positive answers to the following questions, you DO NEED to carry out marketing research:

  • Do you want to start or expand your business in Ukraine?
  • Do you want to increase your market share?
  • Do you want to enter new markets?
  • Do you want to increase the company’s income?
  • Do you want to launch a new product into the market?
  • You want to open a boutique, store, beauty shop or other unit. Do you need to make an estimation of a business location of your unit taking into account the placement of funds?
  • Do you need to estimate the most attractive markets for your goods?
  • Do you want to know about your direct competitors?
  • Your sales dropped down and you don’t know the reason?

Marketing research will give you possibilities:


  • to estimate the level and structure of demand in the region;
  • to estimate actual supply on market sector as well as information about the amount and structure of the supply and carry out retail outlets audit;
  • to reveal preferences of consumers and estimate factors that influence on them;
  • to find out if consumers are aware of your trade-mark and estimate the level of familiarity and loyalty to it;
  • to determine famous brands on the market place;
  • to estimate the need in the product and determine demanded characteristics;
  • to estimate business location of the commercial real estate.

Consulting company Alpina Consult offers wide range of marketing services in Ukraine. We understand that there is no unique solution that removes any problem. We work out research projects that meet peculiar demands of each client and the specific character of his marketing request. We provide our clients with marketing information that will support them to find out balanced and realistic decisions.

We offer following services:

  • Analytical reviews of market and specific economic sectors and segments;
  • Calculation and substantiation of the potential market capacity;
  • Market segmentation;
  • Auditing of a trademark;
  • Consumer preferences ascertainment and demand forecasts;
  • Price analysis and price strategies elaboration;
  • Analysis of competitors, recommendations concerning selection partners/suppliers;
  • Identification the free market niches and the niches with the minimal level of competition;
  • Market positioning;
  • Promotional analysis: advertising, sales promotion, etc;
  • Elaboration of the marketing strategy;
  • Creating trade, trade-entertainment, and trade-office centers conceptions;
  • Marketing substantiation of investment projects.

We have the experience of carrying out marketing research in different areas. Detailed information you may find in Our Projects.

Our organizational potential:

  • own team of high-level interviewers able to carry out inquiries of any difficulty;
  • experienced data procession specialists;
  • modern technical facilities of information procession and replication.
  • qualified marketing research specialists;

Our collaboration starts with discussion of your problem. Quality of the offer you receive from our specialists will depend directly on how precisely and minutely you formulate the reason for the marketing research request.

Here is the list of main questions that you should think over before applying:

  1. Precise definition and background of the problem;
  2. Which methods of marketing research or target groups of respondents do you prefer?
  3. Geographical area of marketing research;
  4. Do you have any hypothesis needed to be checked during marketing research?
  5. Set the deadline.

You will obtain the answer to your request within 1-2 days.

Our reply will consist of the following positions:


  • what we are able to do for you;
  • methods and resources that will be used for reaching this goal;
  • terms of project completion;
  • project cost.
We guarantee you absolute confidentiality, individuality of fulfillment and reasonable project costs. Our services are available for large companies as well as for small-and-middle-scale businesses with limited budget. Learn more about marketing research methods.

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