Consulting company “Alpina Consult” provides market research of Ukraine, as well as market research of foreign countries.
Market Research is especially relevant when entering a new market, because it is important to assess its opportunities, potential, risks properly.
We carry out the market research directly “customized for each Customer”, taking into account specifics of your product / service.

Our possibilities:

  • assess the market volume;
  • examine trends and identify perspectives of market development;
  • ñonduct competitive analysis (assortment, price, terms, regional representativeness, etc.);
  • define the attitude of consumer to the product / service;
  • determine the best packaging and the best price for the product;
  • assess the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and other promotional channels;
  • assess the representativeness of the products in retail stores and more.

We use different types of market research:

  • desk research;
  • quantitative research: telephone interviews, Retail audit, Store checking, face to face interviews (sidewalk interviews, interviews at a residence of respondents, interviews at the workplace of respondent, interviews in shopping centers);
  • qualitative research: expert interviews, depth interviews, focus groups;
  • MiX-techniques: Hall-tests, Home-tests, Mystery shopping (buying imitation), monitoring.

We offer two formats of the market research:

1. Basic research (baseline study)
Provides general overview of the market:

  • general information about the situation on the profile market;
  • description of the major development trends;
  • key channels of distribution;
  • analysis of the import of the profile products based on pre-agreed codes of Harmonized System (HS);
  • description of the main competitors.

Volume of work: 30 – 40 pages.
Cost: Market research in Russian language – 1000 – 2500 Euro,
in a foreign language – additionally 200 – 400 Euro.

2. Complex research (comprehensive analysis)
Implies depth study of the profile market and development of recommendations for promotion of products / services of your company:

  • description of characteristics and trends of the target market;
  • description of the consumption preferences of the target audience;
  • analysis of the main manufacturers of profile products;
  • analysis of the volume of imports of profile products;
  • detailed competitive analysis;
  • a description of the main brands on the market;
  • analysis of the main distribution channels of profile products;
  • key drivers and barriers while entering the market;
  • a list of certificates needed for a foreign manufacturer to work on the market;
  • development of systems of market stimulation, development of a plan of marketing activities.

Volume of work: 50 – 100 pages.
Cost : Market research in Russian language – 2500 – 8000 Euro,
in a foreign language – additionally 400 – 800 Euro.