Nowadays in the rapid development of business world legal assistance of any company activity is the guarantee of security. However it is not always reasonable to have a lawyer in the company staff. In many cases it is more effectively to use services of external consultants. It is not only the question of reduction of expenditures, but also of the level of competence. External consultants render legal services to many clients simultaneously, and daily run into different, quite often extraordinary situations. And that is why their experience and qualification grow constantly. Even the enterprise that has a lawyer or legal department sometimes needs help from outside: a consultation, an expert estimation or an exchange of opinions on raised questions. We, together with your specialists, are ready to solve problem of legal content, and if there is no lawyers in your staff, we are ready to accompany your business completely.

The questions of legal regulation are always closely bound to other aspects of business and economic activity: financial, management, informational, and even human elements. Not always your problems can be solved by only lawyers. We will help you to see the situation in complex: at any point specialists of the other directions can be linked up to its analysis and elaboration of recommendations.

Our administrative possibilities:

Many years we provide legal services for both Ukrainian and foreign companies, and this experience allowed us to work out effective technologies of cooperation with clients. Our clients do not feel that we work in other office, city or country, we are always on line, always react immediately.

Our purpose – is a result of our legal services for client, not process.

Our collaboration

Working with us, you can count on professional legal services, sincere attention of our specialists to your problems, confidentiality, good advice and help.
With our help you will be able not only to create the business “from a zero” qualitatively and operatively, but also to put existing business in legal order, to optimize his organization and economic-contractual activity, and also to decide already arisen problems.

We offer the following legal services:

  • legal consultations on the questions of application of civil, corporate, labor, agrarian, tax, administrative law;
  • registration of firms, foreign representation offices, branches, companies with foreign investments “turn key”;
  • registration of changes in constituent documents (change of founders, director, change of region);
  • reorganization and liquidation of enterprises;
  • legal services in the field of labor rights (drafting of labor and collective contracts, agreements about confidentiality, post instruction, orders and other);
  • working out, legal analysis, accompaniment of agreements and external economic contracts;
  • participation of specialists of company in negotiations at the conclusion of agreements (drafting of protocols of disagreements);
  • legal consultations on the tax legislation, tax planning;
  • working out objections on the acts of tax verifications and other authorities;
  • settlement of disputes before court(drafting of claims and answers on claim);
  • working out of judicial documents (lawsuits, solicitors, explanations and etc.)
  • defense of rights in economic courts (debts, tax disputes, bankruptcy, other economic disputes);
  • transport disputes at freight transportations;
  • executive production (work with executive service, appeal of actions, without actions of state performer);
  • complex legal service.

    We assure You, that we will do our best to solve your problems effectively and to satisfy your needs in legal services at the top level.

    We will be glad to see you among our clients and render legal services listed above.