Headhunting – recruiting certain candidate.
Technique is effective for recruiting particular, key specialists, top-managers.


Headhunting methods:


  • direct contact with the specialist required by the Customer.
    Stages of cooperation in Headhunting technique:
    1. Preliminary phone discussion on customer’s inquiry: main information about customer-company and about the vacancy to be filled, consideration of possible collaboration.
    2. Personal meeting with Customer-company representative.
      In the framework of the meeting following questions are analyzed in details:

      • the vacancy itself and Customer’s expectations;
      • iHeadhuntingnformation about required specialist and the company he currently works with, conditions that Customer-company is ready to suggest him;
      • confirmation the procedure and conditions of collaboration, forming the application and signing the contract.
    3. Direct contact with the specialist:
      • We scrutinize the company where the required specialist works, evaluate situation in general, distinguish advantages and disadvantages for a dialogue to carry on;
      • We get into contact with candidate, find out whether job offer is of current importance for him, possible reasons to change company he works with, desired conditions, expectations etc.
    4. Organization of negotiation between Customer and the candidate, consulting support while making decision.
    5. Follow-up during trial period: we maintain constant contact with Customer as well as with hired employee and help with adaptation procedure when it is necessary.
    Headhunting term:
    2-4 weeks, for each position is determined individually.
    Cost of Headhunting services:
    1,8 rate of salary (15% of specialist’s annual income) – recruiting personnel for key top-management positions.
    Payment is effected in two stages:
    50% cash in advance when signing the contract, and
    50 % from the official date the specialist assumes the position.