Executive search – direct and purposeful search and selection, identification and enticing away worth-while candidates who don’t practice job-hunting themselves.
Executive search can be applied among all companies operating in similar segment, or among definite companies where specialists are most qualified.
Technique is effective for recruiting particular uncommon specialists, top-level executives.

Executive search methods:

  • Direct search for candidates among those who are currently working;
  • Search through our data base (about 80 000 specialists of different levels and qualifications);
  • Personal contacts, recommendations.
In addition there can be used:

  • Active work with Internet, mass-media;
  • Placing job-advertisements at Alpina Consult web site.

Stages of cooperation in Executive search technique:

  1. Preliminary phone discussion on customer’s inquiry: main information about customer-company and about the vacancy to be filled, consideration of possible collaboration.
  2. Personal meeting with Customer-company representative, detailed analysis of the vacancy and Customer expectations, preparation of the profile of position, identifying necessary professional and personal competences as well as other selection criteria; confirmation the procedure and conditions of collaboration, forming the application and signing the contract.
  3. Executive search itself:
    • We study the segment where operate required companies;
    • Identify the specialists that are valuable for us;
    • We find out whether job offer is of current importance for that specialists, possible reasons for them to change company they work with, desired conditions, expectations etc;
    • Ready for a dialog specialists are estimated in several stages:
      – In-depth interview in Alpina Consult office;
      – Testing to determine professional knowledge and skills, level of foreign language (tests can be developed by our specialists or advised by Customer-company);
      – Receiving recommendations from previous employers
    • On the basis of received information we submit to the Customer 3-5 final candidates (passing resume, photo, our specialists’ comments, tests results, recommendations etc.)
  4. Organization of negotiation between Customer and candidates, consulting support while making decision about appointing at the position
  5. Follow-up during trial period: we maintain constant contact with Customer as well as with hired employee and help with adaptation procedure when it is necessary.
  6. Guaranty bond commitment.
Executive search term:
2-4 weeks, for each position is determined individually.
Cost of Executive search services:
Payment is effected from the official date the specialist assumes the position.

  • 1,4 rate of salary (12% of specialist’s annual income – recruiting key specialists and
    ____________________________________________middle-level executives.
  • 1,8 rate of salary (15% of specialist’s annual income) – recruiting personnel for key
    ____________________________________________top-management positions.
In case of complex recruitment request to fill several vacations simultaneously, rebates are possible.

Guarantee bond:
In case of dismissal by personal demand or by Customer-company initiative, we guarantee free of charge replacement.