Planning economic and production activity as it shows the experience of many successful companies of industrial countries is very, if the most, important condition of organization’s survival in a heavy competition and a factor of economic growth and prosperity.
In practice there exist strategic, long-term, short- term and current planning.Enterprises and organizations often face the necessity of business plan development. Business plan is required when expecting some changes in organization that demand investment of internal or borrowed founds. By the one hand, no one invests money without any reason – without information about where and how they will be used, terms and guaranties of repayment. By the other hand, before accepting the money it is necessary to measure how “cheap” they are, at the expense of what they can be repaid and how soon it may happen (even when investing internal founds). To answer to these and other questions business plan is called upon.

Business plan – is a document, containing necessary information about an investment project.

Business plan development – is a complex process that demands objective appraisal of all information required for its preparation. Business plan can stand as internal document used when planning and as business offer to external party (creditor, investor). In the latest case business plan serves as a ground for attainability of goals set in it, ensures that the goals are achievable and a company is able to meet its commitments.

Operating enterprises use business-plan to:

  • identify challenges that company faces when achieving its goals;
  • estimate financial position and company’s competitiveness on existing and new markets of goods and services;
  • develop strategy of behavior in conditions of rivalry;
  • formulate and provide the ways of solving these problems;
  • carry out new projects.

For potential investors business plan is necessary for:

  • estimating of financial and economic efficiency of new projects;
  • estimating of reality of achieving desired profit;
  • estimating the possibility of return invested founds to creditors.

For entrepreneurs business plan is necessary for:

  • investigation of capacity and development perspectives of future market;
  • estimation of expenses for manufacturing comparing with possible price in order to measure potential profitability;
  • revealing hidden challenges, which may cause problems to a new business during the first years of its adoption;
  • determining various indicators that may help in constant control over business situations.

Business plan must be complete enough and take into account all criteria that define ways of business development as well as investment perspectives.

Consulting company Alpina Consult offers business plan development services. We have wide experience of development business plan for businesses operating in different economic spheres.

Our organization possibilities

Our specialists in business planning and marketing have longstanding work experience in their areas including activities with EBRD and IBRD credit lines. Detailed information you may find in “Our Projects” 
Business plans are available  in Russian and Ukrainian as like as in English languages. Business-plan development is performed within 1-3 weeks and depends on the tasks to be completed.

Our collaboration starts with discussion of your problem. Quality of the offer you receive from our specialists will depend on how precisely and minutely you formulate the reason that forced you to request for help of specialists in business planning.

First of all you have to inform us about the sphere of your economic activity, the purpose of business plan developed (for bank institutions, for investor or for personal use), what kind of primary data you posses (financial accounts, marketing indices). During our first meeting we will give you primarily consultations according terms and approximate price of business plan development.

While meeting with our consultants you will discuss following main questions:

  1. The purpose of business plan development (for attracting investment, credits or for company internal needs etc.)
  2. General vision of your future business; the market where the enterprise operates.
  3. Marketing components: the size of a sales market, company’s market share, competitive environment and target market.
  4. Present state, the potential, desired state of the company.
  5. Sources of business financing (current commitments).

We guarantee complete confidentiality, individuality of completion and reasonable price of business plan developed. Our services are available for large companies as well as for small-and-middle scale businesses. During 10 days upon project completion you will be able to get our specialists’ accompanying consultations according to your project.

The content of business plan can be changed depending on the requirements of bank or investor. For more information you may visit “Our library”, also there you will find information about EBRD and IBRD credit lines.

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