Nowadays competition on the market is so high that for being efficient companies need to surpass their competitors not only by technology level and measures of principal operation activity but also by quality of executive systems ensuring a fast reaction of the company to market changes. The essential condition for immediate response of any system is on-time delivery of information about the environment as well as the position of a managed object from the center where decisions are make (from company’s management). Provision company officials with on-time financial information is possible when applying technologies of budgetary management (budgeting).

Budgeting is not just a tool of financial management; it is the most important element of the whole management system of enterprise. Budgeting constitutes the technology of planning, calculation, control, and analysis of financial, informational and financial flows as well as derivable results. Budgeting covers all functional spheres of the enterprise activity: marketing, administration, HRM, manufacturing, procurements, quality control, researching, and selling.

Budgeting helps to accomplish following tasks:

  • creating the effective system of financial management;
  • transforming a company into financially transparent one, and, as a result , to increase its investment attractiveness;
  • optimizing profits and expenses for the whole company as well as for its separate structures;
  • obtaining consolidated accountability;
  • creating and estimating current position and economic efficiency quotients of the whole company as well as its separate businesses;
  • increasing effectiveness of company management.

Cases in which it is expedient to use budgeting service:

  • if there is a need to search for the ways of costs cutting and formulating rational structure of expenses, reduce costs of product unit;
  • income and expenses structuring, business-directions, commodity groups and structural subdivisions profitability determining;
  • company restructuring;
  • if there are hardly controllable expenses in a dynamically growing business, and cash flows diverge from the established order.

Consulting company Alpina Consult offers complex of services for development and adoption company’s activity budgets as well as the system of budgeting.

What can we propose you?
“Alpina Consult” solves practical problems of management. Our consultants’ longstanding experience in arrangement budgeting facilitates this process. We propose independent expert analysis of your organization’s current tasks as well as selection of program solution, which is more suitable to your requests, terms, and restrictions.

Our consultants will assist you in a detailed budgeting grounded on previously developed business plan that has already started to be realized. Or they will work out business plan for you and on the basis of this create detailed budget of your company.

In our company methods of budgeting arrangement are procedures of expert consulting: adjusting and expert interviews, document analysis, data collecting, formalized description of business procedures, schemes, maps plotting and business processes modeling using Activity-Based Costing. These methods are based on technology of Structured Analysis and Design Techniques (SADT). Activity-Based Costing makes the ground for application of new management technologies in strategic marketing and investment decisions taking as well as upgrading of business processes.

In the framework of budgeting arrangement following bundles of work can be accomplished:

  • Analysis of usable planned-budgetary and financial management;
  • Working out budgeting scheme where main production processes are reflected.
  • Fiscal accounting centers determination.
  • Formulation of rules and procedures that actualize and regulate budgetary management.
  • Creation budget forms for the management of an organization through budget.
  • Working out and optimization planned-budgetary management (including Activity-Based Costing).
  • Adjustment an interaction between centers of financial responsibility (structural subdivisions) when arranging budgeting.
  • Budgetary control forms and interaction bylaws establishment.
  • Financial policy arrangement.
  • Integration with the existing planning system.
  • Budgetary management Implementation.

Additional services: automation of the budgeting system.
Our partners will chose or work out the software, and therefore automatize the system of budgetary management.

As a result company gives the effective tool of operational management that permits to plan economic activity as well as to direct all departments on achieving economic results and optimizing financial flows. The other advantage is in-time revealing deviations and amending through appropriate managerial decision-making.

Our possibilities
Completion of a project is lead by budgeting and business planning specialists with longstanding work experience in this area. For the last three years specialists in finance of our company have been conducting and participating department reorganization projects and implementation of budgeting. Detailed information you may find in “Our Projects”
Projects are available in Russian, Ukrainian and English languages. Terms of performance depend on the tasks to be completed.

Our collaboration starts with discussion of your problem. Quality of the offer you receive from our specialists will depend on how precisely and minutely you formulate the reason that forced you to request for help of budgeting specialists.

The following main questions you will discuss when meeting our consultants :

  1. Organizational form of your enterprise, kind of its activity, organizational departments.
  2. The core of the problem that brought you to us, and the final result you want to have.
  3. The number of specialists responsible for financial department of the company.
  4. Software used in the company.

We guarantee complete confidentiality, individuality of completion and reasonable price of your project. Our services are available for large companies as well as for small-and-middle scale businesses with limited budget. Upon project completion you will be able to get our specialists’ accompanying consultations according to your project.