Outsourcing of foreign economic activity (FEA)

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Outsourcing of foreign economic activity (FEA)

Consulting company “Alpina Consult” is ready to fulfill all the activities for the organization foreign economic activities of your company.

Advantages of FEA outsourcing:

  1. saving costs of opening the office, company registration, searching staff and payroll payments, payment of taxes, additional investments for payment of additional import duties;
  2. understanding of market specifics;
  3. release from currency payments, currency and customs control;
  4. getting a full range of logistics services;
  5. sales increase and cost optimization, and, as a result, creation of fully fledged trade company.

Services Details:

1. Providing with marketing research before importing goods to Ukraine:

  • market capacity;
  • competitors;
  • pricing specifics;
  • sales channels.

2. FEA operations:

  • choosing the most effective trading scheme;
  • preparation of foreign economic contracts;
  • goods certification;
  • providing customs and brokerage services;
  • payment of VAT and other customs payments;
  • foreign exchange operations;
  • work with regulatory authorities.

3. Providing with range of logistics services:

  • responsible storage of the goods at the warehouses with the complex of storage and additional services;
  • real-time balance tracking and goods movement control using online mode of WMS system;
  • forecasting and readiness to peak demand periods;
  • trucking in Ukraine;
  • cargo insurance;
  • paperwork.

4. Distribution of goods:

  • searching and negotiating with customers;
  • concluding contracts with customers;
  • monitoring good’s movement and optimization of trade flow;
  • calculating and conducting advertising campaigns;
  • complaint handling;
  • sales department creation.
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