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Currency regulation and repatriation of profits

The main purpose of foreign exchange control in Ukraine is to prevent illegal capital flow and ‘dollarization’ of the domestic economy. Operations with foreign currency are […]

Taxation system in Ukraine

In Ukraine all taxes or levies are national or local. Tax collection procedures and tax incentives may be established only by law. According to the Tax […]

Legal forms of enterprises globally and as applied to Ukraine

Forms of organizing a business are in general similar, but there are some peculiarities that differ from country to country. In order to set up a […]

Merger and acquisition procedure and anti-monopoly regulations

Here you may find a brief overview of the merger procedure, information about Merger (Accession) Agreement or Separation (Extraction, Transformation) Plan and overview of anti-monopoly regulations. […]

Mergers, acquisitions and incorporation of a new company in Ukraine

Mergers and Acquisitions in Ukraine are governed by legislation. The main laws regulating M&A; transactions, besides Civil and Commercial Codes, are the Law “On Joint Stock […]

Banking system and bank regulation

The current banking system in Ukraine is two-tiered, comprising the central bank of the country and commercial banks. The central bank of Ukraine is the National […]

Foreign investment in Ukraine

In Ukraine foreign investment activity is regulated by the Law “On the Foreign Investment Regime” and a number of resolutions of The National Bank of Ukraine […]

Being a Manager in Ukraine

The basic business style in Ukraine is formal. In other words, in business it is best to adopt a formal approach and cross cultural management should […]

Labour relations in Ukraine

Employment relations in Ukraine are generally governed by the Labour Code. The Constitution of Ukraine and the Labour Code both preclude discrimination based on colour of […]

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